What is AniDL index?

Recently, a few of us encoders switched from MEGA for uploading our encodes, to an Index-based file-sharing system. Regarding that, I would like to answer most of your queries.


  • For the past couple of years, we spent most of our time fixing DMCAed MEGA links rather than enjoying our lives. MEGA also allowed only 15GB data, but we still used it. After just three months of joining AniDL, I had created 4-6 MEGA accounts, so imagine how many accounts others have made.
  • Recently, MEGA updated their T&Cs, as it slowly became a hub of piracy. They have updated their policies regarding people like us who make multiple free accounts using cheap tricks. Well, that was a big red flag for us.


  • So we switched to our own method of providing you with quality encodes. We spent our time building our Index service over some hidden cloud service, which provides us way more than 15GB, allowing us to upload more anime in one place, rather than making multiple accounts. Also, no longer fixing individual anime links. Either it will work, or the whole index will die, nothing in between.

Issues… (and fixes)

  1. Capability to Resume – Fixed. Downloads from our Indexes can be resumed anytime.
  2. Slow Download Speed – Can’t really do anything. :(
  3. Downtimes – Our Indexes aren’t capable of supporting a large number of requests. This may result in Downtimes in future.

Bulk Downloading?

Coming back to the topic you all came here for. Our Index allows bulk downloading explicitly:

Using IDM on a PC: Guide

Our new telegram bot: Find it at @AniScrapeBot. Try sending our index link to it and see the magic.


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