NOTE :-

      1. PLease Provide x264 Source Not x265 Bcoz WE Can’t encode x265 Source to x264 . Source With x265 will be rejected.
      2. Torrent with no seeder will also be rejected (if we can’t even download the Anime then how we supposed to encode it?)

      Request Your Favourite Anime Here

      If you can’t find your favorite anime in the Anime List, drop a request here. We will try to post it as soon as possible.

      If you want your favorite anime to be posted, make a request in the proper format.

      Format :

        • Name (in English and Japanese)
        • Requested​ quality.
        • Link of the Image You’d Like to See as the Cover.
      • Torrent link of the anime from or or any other downloadable source. ( Must be a source that isn’t encoded to small size)

      Example :

        1. Anime: Beyond the Boundary/Kyoukai no Kanata
        1. Requesting in: 480p or 720p | DVD or BD | Dual Audio 


        • Do not request anime anonymously . If we find out we won’t do requests from you!
        • We will prioritize the anime on the basis of popularity and availability.
        • If you post more than one request, we’ll do the first one. Rest will be prioritized depending​ on other people’s requests and the availability.
        • The source must be working. If it’s a torrent then make sure it’s seeded. If we are unable to download the source, we won’t be able to encode it.
      • And also don’t post twice as you can’t see your post until we approve it.

      Remember, We encoders also have a life and we do this for free. So be patient if it takes time. We’ll always try our best to fulfill every request as soon as possible​.

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