Q&A (Questions & Answers)

Hey Everyone! Over time, we had many questions put forward which we didn’t answer, so I thought now would be a good time to clearly answer some of our visitors’ questions.

So Here are a Few Questions that we get (or are Accused of)…

Q. How much do you earn (or how few of our visitors would say), “You earn so much, so why so many ads! Your site is shit!”, or something along those lines.

  • Each of our encoders earn around 100k $ per month from the site personally. And I, “knightking”, as Admin personally earn around 10,000k $ per month from the site, so i get why some Peeps blame us since we already earn so much from this site yet why we trouble our visitors by implementing more ads… Well that’s because we are one hell of a sadist and we like harassing our visitors… you know it’s kinda fun in some way.

Q. Why we don’t accept requests from Chatbox, Discord or Telegram and only accept from the Request Page. Like seriously, Why?

  • It’s short answer is, “Why do we have to take requests from you guys on these platforms”. I mean we are what you can call GOD and God can do whatever he wants. And He doesn’t need to listen to any petty requests. We are even thinking about closing down the Request Page, since we don’t even look in that page anymore. It’s been like that for years now .

Q. Can I create a site like this and earn some money?

  • Well duh! You can create a site like this with absolutely Zero Investment and you can become a millionaire. (But not billionaire since that will be AniDL)

Q. Why our Grammar sucks?

  • Still way better than you Peeps! LMAO

I hope that all our visitors liked our Q&A post. If you have any query or suggestion, feel free to comment below the post, since we’re not going to look at it anyway. Hope you Loli lovers have a nice day. See ya!


Ok guys, those were some sarcastic answers. Just for fun. Some humor from our side. Hope you enjoyed it. Let us know if you liked it or not. No ill intentions, purely humor.

Moving on to the Genuine Answers…

  • Well we hardly earn 100$ or at best 150$ although that was only for this month. I, as Admin bear all expenses to run the site, and as visitors you guys should know that there are various expenses that come along to run a site this big. A few of them include site hosting cost, encoding server cost, storage server cost, cloudflare security cost, domain cost and some miscellaneous cost that are needed from time to time. Also the shorteners that each post have are of the respective encoders. The earnings from the shortener are from the encoder’s efforts, and so we don’t ask them for money either. They don’t earn that much either. Even my own shortener gives me around 6$ to 7$ a month and that is even when i have more than 1500 posts on the site. So one can just imagine how much they must be getting from those shorteners. And as far as pop-ads as concerned, we just use one pop-ads service which gives one pop-up for every post and that can be disabled if our visitors pay 2$. (More details can be found Here – Donation.)


  •  For the next question, we don’t take requests from Chatbox, Discord or Telegram because in the Request Page every request is present in Proper Order and Proper Format. More importantly, we have a record of each request. Assume you put up your request in Discord, Telegram or Chatbox. Your request will be hidden in all those chats and eventually no one will notice it either. Due to this, we can’t maintain a record of it and your request will be lost. Unfortunately, many of our visitors don’t understand this simple thing and then they either argue with us or badmouth us. 


  • For the Question whether you can create a site like AniDL or not, my answer is that it depends on you. From my Personal Experience, if you have time and resources then you can surely create a website. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to get a good number of visitors to your site. Also you cant put ads from the day One , if you do that than you wont get visitor that much also it will take more time to gain any kind of Visitor base .


  • Last Question about our grammar, well everyone of us sucks at grammar. LOL

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