Kao dake ja Suki ni Narimasen (Digital) Ch.06

It Takes More than a Pretty Face to Fall in Love

 Kao dake ja Suki ni Narimasen

Sana Chiken loves good-looking guys more than anything. After enrolling at Minowa General Highschool in hopes of meeting her ideal man, she finds Ugo Kanato, a man blessed with looks from the gods themselves. However, she quickly finds herself in a predicament! Due to skipping too many classes, Udo is set to be expelled! Unless she can help leverage his good looks and get the school’s social media account to 100000 followers, Sana’s dreamboat will disappear from her life forever. The story follows the pair and their changing relationship as they try to prevent Udo’s expulsion. (Source: Comikey Media)

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  Alternative Titles

  • Japanese : 顔だけじゃ好きになりません
  • English : It Takes More than a Pretty Face to Fall in Love
  • Synonyms : I Won't Fall for Him Just Because of His Face

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