Fetiple (Digital) Vol.07

What I Love About You


After a night of reckless drinking, Tatsu Yunoki wakes up and finds a mysterious girl sleeping next to him. Recalling the alcohol-induced craziness of the previous night, Tatsu realizes that he had confessed to the girl called Kotoka Hatsushima about his hair fetish and she had unabashedly done the same—except in her case, it was a back fetish. This leads to the duo living together as their desired lifestyles turn into reality. Fetiple follows the story of these two oddballs connected by their weird fetishes for each other, as their personalities lead to amusing day-to-day activities. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

  Information MAL

  Alternative Titles

  • Japanese : フェチップル
  • English : What I Love About You
  • Synonyms : Fetish Couple,Fechippuru: Our Innocent Love,Fetiple: Bokura no Innocent Love,Fetiple: Bokura no Junsui na Koi


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