Seinen, literally “young man”, is one of the main demographic classifications applied to manga, and, by extension, to anime, especially manga-based ones. As the name implies, seinen works are marketed primarily to an audience of young men; the age range commonly understood to be the target of such works goes roughly from 17 to somewhere in the 40s.

  • SpecialsBokura wa Minna Kawai-sou: Hajimete no

    Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou: Hajimete no

    Unaired episode included in the 7th Blu-ray/DVD volume of Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou anime.

  • OVARiki-Oh

    Riki-Oh 2: Horobi no Ko

    Child of Destruction is the sequel to the RIKI-OH OVA Wall of Hell. Child of Destruction tells us more of Riki’s past, as we flash back to his childhood to…

  • OVARiki-Oh

    Riki-Oh: Toukatsu Jigoku

    A Retelling of the prison arc of the manga RIKI-OH! The story follows Saiga Riki-Oh, a young man blessed with inhuman strength. After taking revenge against a yakuza boss who…

  • MovieKoukaku Kidoutai

    Koukaku Kidoutai

    In the year 2029, Niihama City has become a technologically advanced metropolis. Due to great improvements in cybernetics, its citizens are able to replace their limbs with robotic parts. The…

  • MovieSac2045movie

    Koukaku Kidoutai: SAC_2045 – Jizoku Kanou Sensou

    Compilation film of Koukaku Kidoutai: SAC_2045 with new scenes.

  • CompletedKingdom 4th Season

    Kingdom 4th Season

    Following the conclusion of the large-scale coalition campaign, the entirety of China is in a state of economic recovery. The victor of the battle, the state of Qin, is no…

  • MovieKoukaku Kidoutai 2.0

    Koukaku Kidoutai 2.0

    Set in the year 2029 and following World Wars III and IV, a Japanese-led Asian block dominates world affairs. The alliance maintains its international supremacy through its elite security force…

  • OVAKoukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex - The Laughing Man

    Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex – The Laughing Man

    In 2024, the terrorist incident known as “The Laughing Man Incident” occurred in which Ernest Serano, president of the groundbreaking micromachine company, Serano Genomics, was kidnapped and ransomed. One day,…

  • MovieKnights Of Sidonia Love Woven In The Stars

    Sidonia no Kishi: Ai Tsumugu Hoshi

    After the Earth was destroyed by mysterious alien lifeforms known as the Gauna, surviving remnants of the human race escaped to space in the enormous generation ship Sidonia. Having drifted…

  • CompletedHakozume: Kouban Joshi no Gyakushuu

    Hakozume: Kouban Joshi no Gyakushuu

    After graduating from high school, Mai Kawai’s top priority was to find a job with a stable income to avoid turning out like her father. However, despite having taken a…

  • SpecialsLupin III: Part 6 - Jidai

    Lupin III: Part 6 – Jidai

    Episode 0 of Lupin III: Part 6 series.

  • CompletedTwatb

    Majo to Yajuu

    Guideau: a feral girl with long fangs and the eyes of a beast. Ashaf: a soft-spoken man with delicate features and a coffin strapped to his back. This ominous pair…

  • CompletedSnack Basue

    Snack Basue

    Located five stations away from Hokkaido’s largest downtown area Susukino. A fun shop called “Snack Bus” can be found run by mama Basue and mama Akemi. Filled with the laughter…

  • CompletedOroka na Tenshi wa Akuma to Odoru

    Oroka na Tenshi wa Akuma to Odoru

    Akutsu Masatora is a demon who has infiltrated a high school in the human world. His goal is to find candidates to aid Hell in the fight against their natural…

  • CompletedDungeon Meshi

    Dungeon Meshi

    Adventuring knight Laios Touden leads a small party through a seemingly endless dungeon, a subterranean maze full of dangerous monsters and precarious traps. Through the use of advanced magic, an…

  • CompletedKekkon Yubiwa Monogatari

    Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari

    Satou has been in love with his childhood friend and neighbor, Hime, ever since she and her grandfather appeared out of nowhere 10 years ago. Now a dazzling, yet mysterious…

  • ONAPluto


    Famous for his military service in the 39th Asian War, the legendary Swiss robot Montblanc is violently murdered. Humans and robots around the world mourn for the beloved celebrity. Montblanc’s…

  • CompletedTengoku Daimakyou

    Tengoku Daimakyou

    Fifteen years ago, disaster struck human civilization, and now dangerous man-eating monsters roam the ravaged lands, posing an existential threat to the remaining survivors. Amid this turmoil, an isolated facility…

  • CompletedWarau Salesman

    Warau Salesman New

    Each episode follows Fukuzou Moguro, a traveling salesman, and his current customer. Moguro deals in things that give his customers their heart’s desire, and once his deals are made and…

  • MovieCrayon Shin Chan Movie

    Crayon Shin-chan Movie 30: Mononoke Ninja Chinpuuden

    One day, a woman named Chiyome Hesogakure with a child named Chinzō visits the Nohara family and claims that she is the real mother of Shinnosuke and takes him away…

  • MovieCrayon Shin Chan Movie 29 Mystery Meki! Hana No Tenkasu Gakuen

    Crayon Shin-chan Movie 29: Mystery Meki! Hana no Tenkasu Gakuen

    The film’s story begins with Shinnosuke and his friends of “Kasukabe Defence Force” experiencing a one-week stay in “Tenkatōitsu Kasukabe Private Academy” (nicknamed “Tenkazu”), an elite boarding school that is…

  • MovieCrayon Shin Chan Movie 28 Gekitotsu! Rakuga Kingdom To Hobo Yonin No Yuusha

    Crayon Shin-chan Movie 28: Gekitotsu! Rakuga Kingdom to Hobo Yonin no Yuusha

    Due to the advent of modern technology, kids have abandoned their crayons and paper for electronic tablets, causing the imaginative energy emitted from children’s doodles to reach an all-time low.…

  • MovieCrayon Shin Chan Movie 18 Chou Jikuu! Arashi Wo Yobu Ora No Hanayome

    Crayon Shin-chan Movie 18: Chou Jikuu! Arashi wo Yobu Ora no Hanayome

    Comical action adventure film set in the future world, like a dystopian science fiction. Shinnosuke’s future fiancee, Tamiko Kaneari comes from the future via the time machine. She says her…

  • MovieCrayon Shin Chan Movie

    Crayon Shin-chan Movie 17: Otakebe! Kasukabe Yasei Oukoku

    Comical action adventure film including a caricature of radical ecoactivism and theme of bond between mother and children. The new mayor of Futaba Town, Kasukabe-City, Saitama Prefecture, Mamoru Shizan promotes…

  • MovieCrayon Shin Chan Movie 16 Chou Arashi Wo Yobu Kinpoko No Yuusha

    Crayon Shin-chan Movie 16: Chou Arashi wo Yobu Kinpoko no Yuusha

    A comical fantasy adventure on a fight against invaders from another world. The ruler of dark world “Don Kurai,” Dark, plots to dominate the human world. There is a legend…

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