Yoru ni mo Makezu! (Digital) | Manga

St. Lunatic High School

 Yoru ni mo Makezu!


The adventures of the cute and energetic Niko Kanzaki in the semi-demonic prestigious school, St. Lunatic School. First having entered due to her brother getting a job there, Niko discovers the haunting secret of the school in her night-classes, which are overrun with demons! She learns differences between humans and demons, but the handsome and mysterious Ren shows her that their two races may share some things in common.


  Alternative Titles

  • Japanese : 夜ニモマケズ!
  • English : St. Lunatic High School

  • Type : Manga
  • Volumes : 2
  • Chapters : 11
  • Status : Finished
  • Published : 2004 to 2005
  • Genres : , , , ,
  • Authors : Majiko!
  • Score : 7.44

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"Cultivation LEVEL Enlighter"
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