The military, also known as the armed forces, are forces authorized and legally entitled to use deadly force so as to support the interests of the state and its citizens. The task of the military is usually defined as defence of the state and its citizens and the prosecution of war against foreign powers. The military may also have additional functions within a society, including construction, emergency services, social ceremonies, and guarding critical areas.

  • MovieKancolle Movie

    KanColle Movie

    The alien Abyssal Fleet continues to threaten humanity, and the Kanmusu—girls endowed with the spirits of Japanese warships—are mankind’s last hope. With their ongoing struggles, the Kanmusu are almost certain…

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  • CompletedMobile Suit Gundam 00

    Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 Second Season

    In the year 2311 AD, a world that once saw itself full of inter-continental conflict now stands unified, led by the Earth Sphere Federation (ESF). The ESF established a preventative…

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  • CompletedMobile Suit Gundam 00

    Kidou Senshi Gundam 00

    In the distant future, mankind’s dependence on fossil fuels will lead to their complete depletion, an energy crisis unlike anything the world witnessed. Out of retaliation and fear, humanity began…

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  • MangaThe Saga Of Tanya The Evil C057 (v20) P000 [cover] [dig] [yen Press] [lucaz]

    Youjo Senki (Digital) Vol.20

    On the front line of the war, there’s a little girl. Blond hair, blue eyes and porcelain white skin, she commands the army with lisping voice. Her name is Tanya…

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  • Completedheroic age

    Heroic Age

    When the Golden Race invited other races to join them in the stars, three sentient races answered their call. The Goldens called them the Bronze, Silver and Heroic Tribes. Just…

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  • CompletedMacross F

    Macross F

    Following a catastrophic war against a race of giants known as the Zentradi, humanity has escaped towards the center of the galaxy aboard a fleet of colonial vessels called the…

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  • CompletedKingdom1


    China’s Warring States period, a raging dragon that would raze the land for 500 years, saw many kingdoms rise and fall, making way for the next generation of kings and…

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  • CompletedKingdom S2

    Kingdom 2nd Season

    A year after the devastating battle against the formidable Zhao, the State of Qin has returned its focus to pursuing King Ying Zheng’s ambition of conquering the other six states…

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  • CompletedMacross


    After a mysterious spaceship crashes into Earth, humanity realizes that they are not alone. Fearing a potential threat from space, the world pushes aside their nationalism, conflicting interests, and cultural…

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  • CompletedUchuu Senkan Yamato 2199

    Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199

    Earth’s once green hills and rich blue oceans have been converted into a desolate wasteland by the relentless onslaught of planet bombs from the expansionist Gamilas Empire. By the year…

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  • CompletedRenmei Kuugun Koukuu Mahou Ongakutai Luminous Witches

    Renmei Kuugun Koukuu Mahou Ongakutai Luminous Witches

    As the united world fights for its freedom against the alien forces known as the Neuroi, human girls with magical abilities—called witches—continue to battle. With the persisting conflict affecting morale,…

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  • CompletedKancolle Itsuka Ano Umi De

    KanColle: Itsuka Ano Umi de

    The dawn of a decisive battle nears in Leyte Gulf against the Abyssal Fleet, the mysterious enemies that occupy the sea. As the only ones capable of fighting them, Kanmusu—young…

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  • CompletedThe Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki - Northern War

    The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki – Northern War

    For many years following the North Ambrian Disaster, North Ambria has been known as the poorest region in Zemuria. After the state suffered a major loss due to the mysterious…

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  • Current SeasonShingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season - Kanketsu-hen

    Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season – Kanketsu-hen

    Sequel to Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season Part 2. DDY will be updated when its out

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  • OVATop wo Nerae! Gunbuster

    Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster

    In the near future, humanity has taken its first steps towards journeying into the far reaches of the galaxy. Upon doing so they discover a huge race of insectoid aliens…

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  • CompletedKoutetsu Tenshi Kurumi

    Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi

    During Japan’s Taisho Era (1912-1926), a scientist named Ayanokoji developed the Steel Angel – an artificial humanoid with superhuman physical abilities. While the Imperial Army wanted to use the Steel…

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  • CompletedInnocent Venus

    Innocent Venus

    In the year 2010 AD, Hyper Hurricanes born concurrently all over the world caused severe damage. Five billion people lost their lives, decreasing the world’s population to 3 billion. Existing…

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  • CompletedFreezing Vibration

    Freezing Vibration

    Ever since the 10th NOVA clash, the Chevalier had concluded that the NOVA have been appearing at a steadier rate and they are losing more Pandoras than they can produce.…

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  • CompletedSasaki to Miyano

    Sasaki to Miyano

    Yoshikazu Miyano’s troubles first start one hot summer day when Shuumei Sasaki steps into his life. Sasaki saves Miyano’s classmate from a group of bullies, and after that, Miyano cannot…

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  • CompletedFairy Gone Season 2

    Fairy Gone Part 2

    Second season of Fairy Gone.

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  • CompletedFairy Gone

    Fairy Gone

    “Once upon a time, fairies were tools of war.” The story takes place in a world where fairies possess and dwell in animals, giving them mysterious abilities. By removing the…

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  • CompletedYoujo Senki Saga Of Tanya The Evil

    Youjo Senki

    Tanya Degurechaff is a young soldier infamous for predatorial-like ruthlessness and an uncanny, tactical aptitude, earning her the nickname of the “Devil of the Rhine.” Underneath her innocuous appearance, however,…

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  • MovieYoujo Senki Movie

    Youjo Senki Movie

    With its armies sweeping across the continent, the Empire seems unstoppable. After securing victory over the remnants of the Republic’s army, the Empire’s ultimate victory is finally within reach. However,…

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  • CompletedBrave Witches

    Brave Witches

    As humanity’s war with the Neuroi—a mysterious, hostile alien race possessing weapons of unparalleled power—continues being fought across Europe and Africa, a new fighter squadron is formed. The 502nd Joint…

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  • MovieSteamboy


    Ray is a young wunderkind inventor living in Victorian England. His life is turned upside down when he receives a special package hailing from the United States, sent by his…

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