Spring 2004

  • CompletedInitial D

    Initial D Fourth Stage

    Takumi Fujiwara finally joins Ryousuke and Keisuke Takahashi to create “Project D.” Their goal is twofold: Ryousuke wants to develop his “High-Speed Street Racing Theory,” while Keisuke and Takumi aim…

  • CompletedSamurai Champloo

    Samurai Champloo

    Fuu Kasumi is a young and clumsy waitress who spends her days peacefully working in a small teahouse. That is, until she accidentally spills a drink all over one of…

  • CompletedMonster


    Dr. Kenzou Tenma, an elite neurosurgeon recently engaged to his hospital director’s daughter, is well on his way to ascending the hospital hierarchy. That is until one night, a seemingly…

  • CompletedMarsdaybreak

    Kenran Butou Sai: The Mars Daybreak

    Mars is now almost entirely covered in water. Humanity exists in large city-ships that float through the open seas. But life is hard for those who live on Mars—the economy…

  • CompletedKeroro Gunsou

    Keroro Gunsou

    Unsuspecting inhabitants of the planet Earth are going about their business, enjoying a bright and particularly beautiful sunny day, when a young Japanese boy spots a shiny object falling from…

  • Completedaishiteruze baby

    Aishiteruze Baby★★

    Katakura Kippei is in every way a high school playboy. Spending his days flirting with any female he can see, responsibility is the last thing on his mind. Life takes…

  • CompletedSaiyuki Reload Gunlock

    Saiyuuki Reload Gunlock

    The Sanzo Ikkou continues its westward journey, on a mission to prevent a demonic resurrection. As Genjo Sanzo, Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo, and Son Goku fight their way to their…

  • CompletedGantz


    Thought your life was bad? Sometimes, death is worse. There is no salvation, peace, nor god waiting to receive you into their care. But wait, a god? Maybe you are…

  • CompletedTenjou Tenge

    Tenjou Tenge

    For some people, high school represents the opportunity for a fresh start. You can take new classes and make new friends. For Souichiro Nagi and Bob Makihara, though, high school…

  • CompletedShinkon Gattai Godannar!! (Marriage of God & Soul Godannar!!)

    Shinkon Gattai Godannar!! (Marriage of God & Soul Godannar!!)

    Five years ago, while battling an alien force known as the “Mimesis,” Dannar pilot Goh Saruwatari first met Anna Aoi. Today, on the day of their wedding, the ceremony is…

  • CompletedHi no Tori

    Hi no Tori

    From prehistoric times to the distant future, Hi no Tori portrays how the legendary immortal bird Phoenix acts as a witness and chronicler for the history of mankind’s endless struggle…

  • Dual AudioDownload Koi Kaze 480p Dual Audio

    Koi Kaze | 480p | DVDRip | Dual Audio

    Saeki Koushirou works as a wedding planner, but his own love life is a shambles. His background makes it difficult for him to commit himself wholeheartedly to love. The child…

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