Spring 2002

  • CompletedOu Dorobou Jing

    Ou Dorobou Jing

    Jing may appear to be a young boy, but his remarkable skills make him one of the most feared thieves on the planet. Along with his feathered partner Kir, Jing…

  • CompletedJuuni Kokuki (The Twelve Kingdoms)

    Juuni Kokuki (The Twelve Kingdoms)

    Youko Nakajima has only ever wanted to be normal. She does what she is asked, gets good grades, is the class president, and even helps her classmates whenever she can—but…

  • CompletedAi Yori Aoshi, Ai Yori Aoshi: Yumegatari

    Ai Yori Aoshi

    Kaoru Hanabishi, a college student who lives alone, met a beautiful but bewildered girl dressed in a kimono at a train station. He volunteered to guide her way to the…

  • CompletedAbenobashi Mahou☆Shoutengai

    Abenobashi Mahou☆Shoutengai

    Satoshi “Sasshi” Imamiya believes his life is in shambles, as only a 12-year-old can. Having lost his card collection, his childish dilemmas worsen when he learns that his childhood friend,…

  • CompletedAzumanga Daioh

    Azumanga Daioh

    Chiyo Mihama begins her high school career as one of the strangest students in her freshman class—a tiny, 10-year-old academic prodigy with a fondness for plush dolls and homemade cooking.…

  • CompletedFull Moon Wo Sagashite

    Full Moon wo Sagashite

    Two years ago, Mitsuki Kouyama’s friend, Eichi Sakurai, moved to America before she could confess her feelings to him. Though she cannot contact him, they made a promise to fulfill…

  • CompletedRizelmine


    Iwaki Tomonori is an average 15-year-old boy who likes older women. He happens to have a crush on his teacher, but soon thereafter, learns she has become engaged. He heads…

  • CompletedHack Sign

    .hack//SIGN (.hack//Sign)

    A young wavemaster, only known by the alias of Tsukasa, wakes up in an MMORPG called The World, with slight amnesia. He does not know what he has previously done…

  • CompletedTokyo Underground

    Tokyo Underground

    Under the capital city of Tokyo, Japan, there exists a large, vast, and unknown world known as Underground. There, people known as Elemental Users exist; people who have the ability…

  • CompletedTenchi Muyou! GXP | 480p | DVD | English Subbed

    Tenchi Muyou! GXP | 480p | DVD | English Subbed

    From crashing his bike to falling in lakes, Seina Yamada just cannot shake the bad luck that follows him. But his fortune begins to change when he is forcibly recruited…

  • CompletedBakutou Sengen Daigunder | 480p | DVD | English Subbed

    Bakutou Sengen Daigunder | 480p | DVD | English Subbed

    Akira Akebono, a young boy who is competing in a robot tournament where many of the robots are capable of transforming into animal forms. Akira wants to win the ultimate…

  • CompletedRockman


    In the year of 20XX, a young boy by the name of Netto Hikari receives a very special gift as he enters the 5th grade. His very own customized net…

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