Pumpkin Scissors (Digital) Vol.23

Pumpkin Scissors

 Pumpkin Scissors

After a long war with the Republic of Frost, the Empire abruptly signs a cease-fire, ending the war. Three years later, the Empire is in ruins with starvation and plague. Former soldiers have become bandits. Former Anti-Tank Trooper, Randel Orlando, unexpectedly runs into and joins the Pumpkin Scissors platoon, an Imperial Army relief effort led by Alice L. Malvin to restore order to the war-torn Empire. (Source: Del Rey)

  Information    MAL

  Alternative Titles

  • Japanese : パンプキン シザーズ
  • English : Pumpkin Scissors

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IAMZERO Mega Vol.01 ~ 23 IAMZERO OD DLL Vol.01 ~ 23 IAMZERO Mirror

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