Okashina Tensei (Sweet Reincarnation) (Digital) | Manga | Vol.01

Sweet Reincarnation

 Okashina Tensei


One boy is born to a poor noble house in the provinces. The boy’s name to be the next lord is the pastry. The rare gift of a pastry was a confectionery that promised the future. The bandits who attack mercilessly, the beasts that suddenly face the fangs, the cunning and disingenuous nobles, the barren and desolate provinces, and the boy under happen many hardships and trials. The next lord of good looks survived the world of Swords and magic, armed with Inborn’s cunning and affection for sweets. When you make a smile with sweets, the young pastry challenge begins now to become a happy province! The best sweets are with the best stories. The royal Road to change the world sweets Fantasy!


  Alternative Titles

  • Japanese : Okashi na Tensei
  • English : Sweet Reincarnation

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