|| NEED YOUR HELP || onegai

      HI guys …as you can see we have DISABLED all POPUP ADS …we are just keeping one popup ads which get open only 1 time per 24 hour …and i think its g8 deal….so please atleast disable your adblocker and help us to survive
      so that we can provide even better service then all other site out there…

      As you know in past we have 2 to 3 popup but 70% of users blocked them by there adblocker….SO THIS time we have done like exactly you asked …so please atleast do this one thing and help us…

      ThANK YOU GUYS For alll YOUR SUPPORT AND HOPE U GUYS Support as in future too

      Also u can always Donate As …like PAYPAL , debit card , credit card , PAYTM and via money other app too….


      Anime God

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