Motokare Mania (Ex-Enthusiasts – MotoKare Mania) (Digital) | Manga | Vol.02

Ex-Enthusiasts - MotoKare Mania

 Motokare Mania


Yurika is 27-years-old and single. When she was 22, she broke up with her boyfriend, Makoto. She is not good at having romantic relationships due to her inability to get over him. She’s insanely obsessed with him: she searches for his name online, daydreams about talking to him and worships him like a god! On top of all this, Yurika finds out that one of the co-workers at the real estate company she’s beginning to work at is her ex-boyfriend! This is a non-stop, love comedy series! (Source: Kodansha, translated)


  Alternative Titles

  • Japanese : モトカレマニア
  • English : Ex-Enthusiasts - MotoKare Mania

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