Shounen Jump+

  • MangaSpy X Family C067 (v11) P000 [cover] [raw] [bookwalker Jp]

    Spy x Family (Digital) Vol.11, Ch.86

    For the agent known as “Twilight,” no order is too tall if it is for the sake of peace. Operating as Westalis’ master spy, Twilight works tirelessly to prevent extremists…

  • MangaChainsaw Man C104 (v13) P000 [viz Media] [digital] [1r0n]

    Chainsaw Man (Digital) Vol.13, ~ Ch.147

    Denji has a simple dream—to live a happy and peaceful life, spending time with a girl he likes. This is a far cry from reality, however, as Denji is forced…

  • MangaDarling In The Franxx C044 (v07) P000 [seven Seas Entertainment] [digital] [1r0n]

    Darling in the FranXX (Digital)

    In the distant future, humanity has been driven to near-extinction by giant beasts known as Klaxosaurs, forcing the surviving humans to take refuge in massive fortress cities called Plantations. Children…

  • MangaDeadpool Samurai C008 (v02) P000 [viz Media] [digital] [1r0n]

    Deadpool: Samurai (Digital)

    Marvel raids Shounen Jump+?! The irresponsible hero Deadpool, an extreme outlier even among American comic heroes, is finally serialized! A super collaboration manga that involves both the Avengers and Shounen…

  • MangaKiruru Kill Me C001 (v01) P000 [cover] [dig] [a Man's Resolve] [seven Seas] [danke Empire] {hq}

    Kiruru Kill Me (Digital) Vol.01

    Aoi Nemo is a big-ticket businessman whose face has appeared on all the magazines, and there’s a price on his head. Coming to collect is Akaumi Kiruru, an assassin as…

  • MangaFire Punch (v08) P000 [dig] [viz Media] [shizu]

    Fire Punch (Digital)

    In a world ravaged by ice and snow, civilization is on the brink of collapse, thanks to the elusive Ice Witch. Fighting against the cold has brought out the worst…

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