• MangaPerfect World C055 (v12) P000 [kodansha] [digital] [shellshock]

    Perfect World (Digital)

    26-year-old Tsugumi Kawana reunites with her first crush from high school, Itsuki Ayukawa, at a get-together between an architecture firm and the interior design company she works at. He sends…

  • MangaKnight Of The Ice C052 (v11) P000 [kodansha] [digital] [shellshock]

    Ginban Kishi (Digital)

    The manga centers on Chitose, a hardworking woman who writes for the health magazine “SASSO.” Chitose’s childhood friend is famed figure skater Kokoro Kijinami. Chitose knows Kokoro’s secret: that he…

  • MangaEx Enthusiasts Motokare Mania C038 (v06) P000 [cover] [dig] [kodansha Comics] [danke Empire] {hq}

    Motokare Mania (Digital)

    Yurika is 27-years-old and single. When she was 22, she broke up with her boyfriend, Makoto. She is not good at having romantic relationships due to her inability to get…

  • MangaThe Full Time Wife Escapist V09 (2018) (digital) (danke Empire)

    Nigeru wa Haji daga Yaku ni Tatsu (Digital) Vol.09

    25-year-old Moriyama Mikuri has an advanced degree, but has had no luck finding a permanent position. She’s been living with her parents and doing temp work, and her latest job…

  • MangaKakafukaka V09 P000

    Kakafukaka (Digital) Vol.09

    24-year-old Terada Aki is a part-time worker who’s unsuccessful in job hunting. After the boyfriend she had been living with cheated on her, she ends up sharing an apartment with…

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