Kaketa Tsuki to Doughnut (Digital) Vol.01

Missing month and doughnut

 Kaketa Tsuki to Doughnut

Pressured by her friends and family to fall in love, office worker Hinako Uno puts a lot of effort into her appearance and demeanor in order to fit into the image of “an ideal young woman.” She believes that if she is able to make someone fall in love with her, then she can love herself in return—but this does not turn out to be the case. After rejecting another confession, Hinako feels like a flawed human for being unable to love. Concurrently, Hinako’s senior at work Asahi Satou becomes her sister’s official guardian and the family’s breadwinner after their last living relative dies. Wanting to provide for her sister as best as she can, she pays no attention to matters she deems unnecessary, such as love. One night, as Hinako cries on a bench, Asahi bumps into her and offers her a bag of doughnuts as consolation. Sharing a moment of vulnerability, they open up to one another, marking the start of a relationship that might just be what both women needed. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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  Alternative Titles

  • Japanese : 欠けた月とドーナッツ
  • English : Missing month and doughnut
  • Synonyms : Doughnuts under a Crescent Moon

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