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“Why do people seek the presence of a god?” About twelve thousand years ago, there was a world in ancient Japan where people were able to contact with the divine. One day, a boy named Takaya picked up an abandoned baby. The baby was named Tooko and was raised as his sister. When Tooko turned seven years old, the village that they were living at was raided by a cabal of demon gods. Takano, Tooko and Aohiko survive the raid and they encounter the followers of Demigod which were against the Demon gods… A mind-blowing science-fiction saga unveils!! (Source: MU)


  Alternative Titles

  • Japanese : イティハーサ

  • Type : Manga
  • Volumes : 15
  • Status : Finished
  • Published : Apr 16, 1986 to May 1999
  • Genres : , ,
  • Authors : Mizuki, Wakako

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