Fushigi no Kuni no Miyuki-chan (Digital) | Manga

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

 Fushigi no Kuni no Miyuki-chan


In CLAMP’s take on the Alice in Wonderland saga, Miyuki finds herself in a world which seems to be populated solely by a series of scantily-clad women interested exclusively in exploring her charms. Needless to say, hi-jinks and misunderstandings ensue as our young heroine attempts to escape their clutches and return to her regular life. (Source: Tokyopop)


  Alternative Titles

  • Japanese : 不思議の国の美幸ちゃん
  • English : Miyuki-chan in Wonderland

  • Type : Manga
  • Volumes : 1
  • Chapters : 7
  • Status : Finished
  • Published : Mar 10, 1993 to Jun 10, 1995
  • Authors : CLAMP
  • Score : 6.19

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