Donation Pleaseeeee !!

Donate or we will kill the site ....hehehe

      I will keep it short.. Since all of you know that there is practically no popup at all so it all depend upon on you guys to help us get through every month site billing and if we receive some EXTRA  CASH we can even purchase encoding server to encode more anime faster .

      SO if any kind hearted , loving person who love anidl more than his life want to help us by donating some money (preferred if he can donate every month) than he can donate us any amount he want….just dont donate less than 2$ bcz paypal also cut service charge from the amount you guys donate .

      If any one interested IN DONATING than he can contact through telegram

      We accept PAYPAL but if anyone want to donate through some other medium than he can contact us and we will try to find some alternate method



      Anime God

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