If you want to support AniDL you can donate to us.

      Why Donate To AniDL?

      Well if you donate to us it will help us pay for our servers as well as help the AniDL community.

      We will also be able to invest in encoding workstations which will allow us to encode anime faster.


      • All donors’ requests will be prioritized and will be completed as soon as possible.
      • In case of Broken Link complaints, all complaints will be fixed within 24 hours.
      • The donors will have the pride of knowing that they did something¬†good in the world. Kidding, but it makes AniDL a better place for everyone, including you!


      We can only accept payment via Paypal  & Paytm :-

      To Donate Please Contact me on my Telegram or Discord Account :-

      TELEGRAM :-

      DISCORD :- @knightking#3096





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