In the context of manga and associated media, the word josei refers to a female audience roughly between the ages of 15 and 44. In Japanese, the word means simply “woman”, and has no anime/manga-related connotations at all. It does not comprise a style or a genre per se, but rather indicates the publisher’s intended target demographic.

  • CompletedCode Realize − Guardian Of Rebirth

    Code:Realize – Sousei no Himegimi

    Within Cardia Beckford’s hazy memories, she can recall her father Isaac and the home where she lives alone, feared as a monster by the townsfolk—for in her body, she carries…

  • CompletedChihayafuru 3

    Chihayafuru 3

    Winning the high school team tournament was a great accomplishment for the Mizusawa members. Each of them has made great strides in improving themselves, and the victory symbolizes how far…

  • CompletedChihayafuru


    Chihayafuru: Chihaya Ayase, a strong-willed and tomboyish girl, grows up under the shadow of her older sister. With no dreams of her own, she is contented with her share in…

  • MangaChihayafuru C209 (v41) P000 [dig] [kodansha] [deadman]

    Chihayafuru (Digital) Vol.41

    Always deemed inferior to her elder sister, the strong-willed yet aimless Chihaya Ayase has no dream of her own. In contrast to her, Taichi Mashima, the son of a surgeon,…

  • CompletedAmnesia


    After fainting at work, a young lady awakens in the back room of the café she works at with no memory of her life or those around her. Two of…

  • OVAAmnesia Ova

    Amnesia OVA

    Animate Tokuten for purchasing all 6 volumes of TV Anime Series. The contents of the OVA are from the Drama CDs.

  • CompletedSakamichi No Apollon

    Sakamichi no Apollon

    Introverted classical pianist and top student Kaoru Nishimi has just arrived in Kyushu for his first year of high school. Having constantly moved from place to place since his childhood,…

  • CompletedKoukyuu No Karasu

    Koukyuu no Karasu

    Among the royal court, there is an individual feared as much as revered: the Raven Consort Ryuu Jusetsu. Residing in her jet-black palace and isolated from the emperor, she is…

  • CompletedMakai Ouji Devils and Realist

    Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

    Seventeen-year-old William Twining takes pride in his lineage as well as his devotion to modern science. When he learns that his family has gone bankrupt, the pompous noble is faced…

  • MangaPerfect World C055 (v12) P000 [kodansha] [digital] [shellshock]

    Perfect World (Digital)

    26-year-old Tsugumi Kawana reunites with her first crush from high school, Itsuki Ayukawa, at a get-together between an architecture firm and the interior design company she works at. He sends…

  • MangaKnight Of The Ice C052 (v11) P000 [kodansha] [digital] [shellshock]

    Ginban Kishi (Digital)

    The manga centers on Chitose, a hardworking woman who writes for the health magazine “SASSO.” Chitose’s childhood friend is famed figure skater Kokoro Kijinami. Chitose knows Kokoro’s secret: that he…

  • CompletedKuragehime


    Ever since her late mother took her to an aquarium when she was young, Tsukimi Kurashita has been obsessed with jellyfish, comparing their flowing tentacles to a princess’s white dress.…

  • MangaMy Next Life As A Villainess All Routes Lead To Doom C035 (v07) P000 [cover] [dig] [the Unexpected Incident (part 1)] [seven Seas] [nao] {hq}

    Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta… (Digital) Vol.07

    Katarina Claes is the eight-year-old daughter of a duke. One day, she hits her head and recovers the memories of her past life, and she comes a horrifying realization—she is…

  • CompletedKami Kuzu☆idol

    Kami Kuzu☆Idol

    Kazuki Yoshino and Yuuya Niyodo are idols who make up the duo ZINGS. While Kazuki gives his all in every performance, Yuuya views the job as just another means of…

  • CompletedKarneval (tv)

    Karneval (TV)

    While in search of his precious friend, a young boy named Nai falls captive to a beautiful woman, whose looks are matched only by her taste for human flesh. Meanwhile…

  • CompletedHachimitsu to Clover II encoded anime download

    Hachimitsu to Clover II

    Back from his journey across Japan, Yuuta Takemoto reminisces about his college life so far. He has matured significantly since his second year and is motivated to move forward. Feeling…

  • CompletedHachimitsu to Clover

    Hachimitsu to Clover

    Yuuta Takemoto, a sophomore at an arts college, shares a cheap apartment with two seniors—the eccentric Shinobu Morita, who keeps failing to graduate due to his absenteeism, and the sensible…

  • CompletedShouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen

    Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen

    Even after having risen to the utmost rank of shun’ichi, Yotaro struggles to find his own identity in the world of rakugo. Caught between his master’s teachings and the late…

  • CompletedShouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

    Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

    Yotarou is a former yakuza member fresh out of prison and fixated on just one thing: rather than return to a life of crime, the young man aspires to take…

  • CompletedOtona Joshi No Anime Time

    Otona Joshi no Anime Time

    A series of animations based on prize-winning short stories for women. Kawamo wo Suberu Kaze (January 7, 2011) In the story, 33-year-old Kanazawa native Noriko had decided long ago not…

  • CompletedNatsuyuki Rendezvous

    Natsuyuki Rendezvous

    Ryousuke Hazuki is a young man whose heart has been stolen away, stopping by the local floral shop daily in order to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Rokka Shimao,…

  • MangaAngels Of Death C050 (v12) P000 [cover] [dig] [yen Press] [lucaz]

    Satsuriku no Tenshi (Digital)

    After witnessing someone die, 13-year-old Rachel “Ray” Gardner is brought to the hospital for counseling. However, she instead wakes up in the sixth basement of an abandoned building with no…

  • MangaEx Enthusiasts Motokare Mania C038 (v06) P000 [cover] [dig] [kodansha Comics] [danke Empire] {hq}

    Motokare Mania (Digital)

    Yurika is 27-years-old and single. When she was 22, she broke up with her boyfriend, Makoto. She is not good at having romantic relationships due to her inability to get…

  • Completedshirokuma cafe

    Shirokuma Cafe

    Situated near the local zoo and owned by the charismatic polar bear Shirokuma, Shirokuma Cafe is a popular spot for animals and humans alike, allowing them to sit back and…

  • CompletedSaiyuuki Reload

    Saiyuuki Reload

    Priest Genjo Sanzo and companions Cho Hakkai, Sha Gojyo, and Son Goku maintain their westward journey to stop the resurrection of the demon Gyoumao. As the reputation of the Sanzo…

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