Dai Dark (Digital) Vol.02

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 Dai Dark

Zaha Sanko is a strange man wandering a weird, desolate galaxy, clad in a black rags and carrying a creepy, skull-decorated backpack called the Package of Darkness. His life is one of constant fighting, since he is considered by most people to be the greatest treasure in the universe; not without basis, as it’s said his bones can make any wish come true. As such, Sanko has to spend his days fending off bizarre aliens, bloodthirsty space pirates and opportunistic bums who are all after his bones. Armed only with the shapeshifting Flesh of Darkness and aided by the Package, in actuality a mechanical being called Avakian. He has only one goal in mind: to find the man who grants the wish, and kill him, thus earning his freedom. (Source: TVTropes)

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  Alternative Titles

  • Japanese : 大ダーク
  • Synonyms : Big Dark,Great Dark

  • Type : Manga
  • Status : Publishing
  • Published : Mar 12, 2019 to ?
  • Genres : , ,
  • Demographic :
  • Authors : Hayashida, Q
  • Serialization :
  • Score : 7.77

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