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Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) No Regrets-Part 2 | OVA | 480p | TVRip | Eng Sub | x264


Levi, Furlan, and Isabel begin their lives in the Survey Corps under the watch of Flagen, who is less than pleased about being joined by criminals, all while recalling the mysterious man’s request to kill Erwin and steal one of his documents. Unable to find the document in Erwin’s office, the group come up with a plan to ambush Erwin during an expedition, which Levi initially plans to do by himself but is inevitably convinced by Furlan and Isabel to let them come with him. On the day of the expedition, the Survey Corps encounter a group of Titans, which Levi’s group manage to help eliminate only to be scolded by Erwin for wasting gas. Later, Levi decides to make use of a heavy rainfall to get close to Erwin, but when he returns, he discovers Titans had ambushed and killed the rest of his squad, including Furlan and Isabel. After learning that Erwin was carrying a fake document the entire time and his mission was meaningless, Levi, taught not to have regrets, decides to continue following Erwin as a Survey Corps member.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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