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Imamura Kinichiro reluctantly wakes up one day to attend his high school graduation. He’d made no friends in high school and joined no clubs. Everyone was afraid of him, due to his long blond hair and surly attitude. Reflecting on his awful high school years, he remembers a girl from the Japanese cheering squad that he saw in the welcome ceremony three years ago. Searching for the old cheering squad’s clubroom, he accidentally startles a classmate, causing them both to fall down a flight of stairs… When he wakes up, it’s the morning of his first day of high school, three years ago. As he confusedly goes through his day, he’s able to correct a lot of the mistakes he made the first time around, such as actually interacting with the cheering squad girl, Usami Yoshiko! But did he really travel in time, or is this all just a dream he’s having while his body is lying unconscious somewhere? Could he really have the chance to go through his high school years again? (Source: MangaHelpers)


  Alternative Titles

  • Japanese : アゲイン!!
  • English : Again!!

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