10 Dance (Digital) Vol.06

10 Dance

 10 Dance

The only two things that differentiate Shinya Sugiki and Shinya Suzuki from each other are the one-syllable difference in their names and dancing styles. Sugiki is the decorated “Lord of Standard Ballroom,” while Suzuki is the fiery “King of Latin Dance.” Neither of these talented dancers can see eye to eye, but they both have the ambition of winning the legendary 10 Dance Competition. The lengthy contest requires each dancing pair to perform ten unique styles of standard ballroom and Latin dancing. Having no prior experience with Latin dance, Sugita asks Suzuki to teach him. In return, he will show Suzuki the art of standard ballroom. Although Sugita is initially against it, his dancing partner goads him into accepting the offer. As the two begrudgingly work together to refine each other’s styles, an unlikely romance begins to blossom. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

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  Alternative Titles

  • Japanese : 10DANCE
  • English : 10 Dance

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